Our Story

We're Cali Vali. It's nice to meet you.

You have high standards for what you consume, and we have high standards for what we produce. Basically, we're a match made in heaven.

At Cali Vali, our mission is to make the best CBD products available to everyone in the United States. That means sourcing from growers we trust, testing rigorously, and examining everything by hand.

Cali Vali CBD

Origin Story

We started Cali Vali because we were tired of the stigma attached to CBD. We knew from extensive research, scientific studies, and years of personal experience that CBD products could be more than just "lighter" versions of cannabis. High-quality CBD products can be life-changing, but the cheap cigarettes, vape pens, and gummies we found in convenience stores after the 2018 legalization of hemp products were a let down. So we set out to bring reliable, premium, unforgettable CBD to everyone.

What's In a Name?

Cali Vali was born in San Luis Obispo, California, just off the fabled Pacific Coast Highway. We love our sunny, green home, and we want to bring the valley to you--wherever you are. When you taste our products, we hope you'll be transported to our little paradise, the Cali Vali.

Carlo DeFalco, Founder of Cali Vali CBD

Meet Carlo

Our founder, Carlo DeFalco, grew up in San Luis Obispo County, in a city called Atascadero. He grew up in the garden and spent his childhood and adolescence with his hands in the dirt. Carlo grew up camping, gardening, and composting. His early life was focused on environmentalism and the cannabis industry, so it's only natural that he found his way into the CBD industry, where he can work with growers and plants on a daily basis.

Before starting Cali Vali, Carlo spent his days building custom guitar fret boards. When his shoulders and wrists started throbbing, he tried CBD. Cheap pre-rolls and topicals didn't do much at first, but when he bought high-quality CBD products, his pain faded away and he felt more like himself. Carlo wanted to make the process of buying premium, full spectrum CBD easier, safer, and more fun, and that's what's behind Cali Vali.