Cali Vali Hemp Products


CALI VALI is the source for exotic CBD flower, extracts, and pre rolls.


Fast-Acting and Discreet

Whether you like to cook with, dab, or vaporize CBD; extracts are perfect for you! This is the purest form of CBD and is perfect for delivering a large dose.

Shareable and Convenient

Cali Vali Pre-roll cones are made with 100% Organic Hemp. We use only buds, and filter out seeds and stems for a smooth and effective experience.

Premium and Exotic

Cali Vali carries Indoor, Hydroponically-Grown Hemp, a true rarity. Everything is hand trimmed, lab tested, and federally legal. The best part? We ship it right to your door.



Is hemp flower legal to use in the United States?


The U. S. Farm Bill of 2018 federally legalized hemp. This means that every part of the plant can now be utilized, especially the flower. 




How will my order arrive?


Cali Vali works with the United States Postal Service to deliver all of our products. We are registered with the USPS as a protected hemp shipper. Your package will come in a USPS box, discreetly packaged without a strong scent.




Where is your hemp tested?


We're glad you asked! We currently work with SC labs and DB labs. Two of the most reputable labs in the industry. You can read the lab report on any product before you buy on our Quality page.


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