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  • The Many Flavors of CBD Pre Rolls

    At Cali Vali CBD, we are very selective about what products we put out there for our customers. After years of fine-tuning and perfecting our proce...
  • Hemp Flower: Back to Basics

    CBD companies keep on popping up around the country trying to cash in on what they think is the biggest health “craze” to hit in the past few years...
  • The Pineapple Haze Craze – Get Involved!

    The craze for high-quality Pineapple Haze CBD is at it's peak. See what set's Cali Vali CBD apart from the rest and let us educate you on how to best enjoy this amazing CBD strain.
  • The Search For High-Quality CBD

    Whether or not you’ve heard of CBD, you'll need to familiarize yourself with some important terminology, the most essential of which relates to the...
  • Smoke Your Way to a Tropical Getaway

    With the consistently growing popularity of CBD, new and existing CBD companies are constantly searching for inventive ways to find the next big th...
  • Smoke the Pain Away with CBD Pre Rolls

    We know that CBD comes in many forms: capsules; tinctures; topicals; edibles; and CBD companies are always thinking of new ways to give you your da...
  • Catch Island Fever with Pineapple Haze CBD Flower

    There is no doubt that you’ve heard of CBD it's the most sought-after natural medicine on the planet right now and that isn’t going to change any t...
  • The New Kids on the Block: Premium Hemp From Cali Vali CBD

    The Best Premium CBD on the Market: Shop Cali Vali Premium Hemp & CBD
  • Old is New Again with Hybrid CBD Flowers

    Get Your CBD Fix Today with Hybrid CBD Flower Products from Cali Vali CBD Today!

  • Pre Rolls: A New Way to Enjoy CBD

    Our pre rolls are Full-Spectrum CBD hemp flower, rolled into packs of 2 or 7. Choose from any of our delicious, high-terpene pre roll varieties!
  • CBD Extract: It’s Not All the Same

    Learn about CBD extract and what the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD is, as well as what CBD isolate is.
  • What's The Difference Between Hemp Flower and Cannabis?

    If you’ve been operating under the assumption that hemp and cannabis are two different species of plant, you’re not alone. Hemp and cannabis are t...