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  • What Makes A Pre Roll Special: Why Give Silver Haze Pre Rolls A Try?

    What makes a pre roll like Silver Haze Pre Rolls special? They’re non-intoxicating, they contain a perfect dosage, they’re impossible to mess up, and they are shareable.

  • The 3 Best Ways To Use Our Special Sauce Strain

    When you purchase Special Sauce Strain from Cali Vali CBD, there are three primary ways to use it. You can smoke it, vape it, or eat it. Get yours today.
  • What Is CBG, And Why Do I Need To Try The White Widows Strain?

    CBD is popular, but CBG is a relatively unknown compound, found in flowers like the White Widow Strain. Find out how it’s different from CBD, and why you should try it.

  • How To Use CBD Diamonds Effectively

    CBD diamonds are a potent and effective product that can be used to treat conditions like anxiety, depression, and more. Learn how to use CBD diamonds the right way.

  • What Makes Our Pineapple Haze CBD Flower The Right CBD Flower For You?

    Pineapple haze CBD is one of our most valued and popular varieties of CBD flower. Find out what makes it so popular and get yours today.

  • Which of Our Pre Rolls Is Right For You?

    CBD Pre Rolls are a great way to go when trying to experience the benefits of CBD. Choose from one of our selected varieties, and get yours now.

  • Here Are Four Reasons To Enjoy Our New CBD Mint Drops

    CBD Mint Drops can be one of the best, fastest-acting, and most effective ways to increase your CBD intake. Get yours from Cali Vali now.
  • You’ll Want To Give This CBD Salve A Try

    CBD Salve can be a saving grace if you need CBD with a topical application. Visit Cali Vali to shop and get yours now.

  • What Are CBD Pre Rolls And Why Are They So Popular?

    CBD Pre Rolls from Cali Vali are high quality and ready to enjoy right out of the box. Learn more about why pre-rolled hemp is gaining popularity everywhere.
  • Complete Guide to Indica Hemp

    Maybe you've heard of Indica hemp, but what is it exactly? Here's our definitive guide to Indica hemp that will tell you everything you should know about this wonderful hemp plant variant.
  • 5 Everyday Uses of a Hybrid Hemp Plant

    What is a hybrid hemp plant and how can it help you? Read these five interesting, everyday uses of hybrid hemp plants that you'll be sure to love.
  • Different Types of Hemp Flowers

    Are you interested in hemp flowers and curious about what they have to offer? Here's the ultimate guide to the different types of hemp flowers and their most interesting and beneficial uses.