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3 Types of CBD Products, And Why Pineapple Haze Flower Is Right For You

While CBD product use has become increasingly popular recently, the cannabis plant has long been used for its medicinal properties. With its ability to assist in healing, dulling pain, and helping with ailments like anxiety and sleeplessness, CBD products have skyrocketed in recent history.

But for many, using CBD feels foreign. They don’t know what it is, where to start, where to buy from, and which products are best. And as anyone in the community will tell you, the products and quality of what you use DOES indeed matter. If you’re in this boat, you’re in luck! Today we are talking about three of the top CBD products on the market, what makes them so great, and where to buy them.

Pre Rolls

Pre Rolls are high-grade pre-rolled “joints” that are ready to use right out of the box. Pre rolls eliminate the need to prepare and roll your own hemp buds and are particularly popular because there is no mess involved. You don’t need any extra materials or time. Therapeutic benefits straight out of the box make pre rolls a huge hit.


Hemp Extracts are CBD in its purest form. The CBD compound can be extracted from the plant and put into a solid that can be dissolved and implemented in many ways. For example, it can be used for dabbing, cooking, or putting into your favorite drinks. Extract is discreet, it acts fast, and many people love it because of how quick and easy using it is.


Think of the hemp flower as your direct connection to the cannabinoid plant. Flower, by definition, is picked right from the plant and ready to consume. It is high quality, potent, and comes in many different strains. Smoking hemp flower has become very popular recently and can be consumed in rolls, pipes, or vapes. The hemp flower bud is particularly popular with consumers because of its simple nature and versatility.

What Makes Flower So Great

Flower is great because it is so fast-acting. Once you inhale, it hits your lungs and the CBD immediately goes into your bloodstream. Because flowers act so fast, they are the most potent CBD products on the market, if used in a dose that is high relative to your own tolerance. Potency doesn't mean that you can't have a mild experience, too. Start off small, and work up to large doses if desired. It’s a legal and alternative low-THC way to get all the benefits of the cannabinoids as quickly as possible.

On top of that, there are so many strains, varieties, and flavors of flower that there is certainly something for everyone. For example, if you’re into something that is smooth and sweet, there are flavor profiles for that. If you’re looking for something pungent and gassy, you can find that as well. If you’re looking for something tropical, something like Cali Vali’s Pineapple Haze will do the trick. With its tropical flavor profile and aromatics, you’ll love what you smell and taste.

If you’d like to get started with a tropical lift, take a look at Pineapple Haze and get yours today. It’s hand-trimmed, lab-tested, and full-spectrum, with low THC. For other flavors, or to check out all of our available products, shop the Cali Vali website!