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What’s In Our White Widow Strain CBG And What Makes It So Good?

If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance that you are well versed in the world of cannabis. It’s very likely that you’ve heard of CBD, but have you heard of CBG?

We aren’t doubting your knowledge, but CBG (otherwise known as Cannabigerol) is definitely not as prevalent in the market as CBD.

For background, CBG is a compound that is found in cannabis Sativa. It can help with swelling, improve brain function, and even can help lower cholesterol!

Although there hasn’t been a ton of research into CBG’s effects on humans, there have been myriad experiments and studies done with animals, and results have been incredibly positive.

One of our personal favorite varieties of CBG is the White Widow Strain. We know the name might sound a little scary, but there’s plenty to love about this incredible strain that you might forget the name altogether!

What’s In White Widow Strain?

There’s a lot that goes into our White Widow Strain of CBG, and a lot of incredible flavors, tastes, and beauty that all work together to make it so wonderful. 

In a general sense though, this strain is an indoor-Grown, indica-hybrid containing 15.18% CBG. Each purchase of our Cali Vali White Widow Strain comes in a 3.6g jar, which will really hit the spot.

But there’s a lot more detail in each flower, and you want to know the details, right?

Let’s go through some of the best parts of the White Widow Strain CBG flower, and discuss just what it is that makes this variety so special.

A Strong Flavor Profile

If you’re looking for something that will mix things up as far as flavors go, then look no further! 

The flavor is probably one of the first things you think about when it comes to any cannabis product.

For something strong, potent, and powerful, this White Widow Strain CBG flower has one of the strongest flavor profiles you will ever taste. With notes of citrus goodness, mixed with pepper, you definitely can’t go wrong.

Indoor And Hydroponically Grown

The White Widow Strain is grown indoors using hydroponic methods.

Why is this important?

Well, this all matters because growing indoors allows us to have total control over the product, the environment, and everything else when it comes to the flower. It allows us to grow things our way, and to make sure it’s up to par with our quality standards.

Hand-Trimmed Buds

While we are on the topic of quality, it is important to stress that it is something that we take very seriously. When you purchase anything from our store, we want you to know you are getting the absolute best of the best. That’s why when you buy our White Widow Strain of CBG, you are only going to get hand-trimmed buds.

If you were going to the store, and you were shopping for fruit, you’d personally look for the best of each bunch, right? You’d make sure you weren’t wasting money, or that none of it had gone bad, or that it was up to your standard.

That’s what we are doing for you when we hand trim our buds. We know that each experience with our products matters, and we want to go above and beyond to make sure you are getting the best and most high-quality product possible.

Lab Tested Cannabinoids

If you’re buying CBD from someone who isn’t showing you lab tests, then that probably means they are hiding something (or aren’t following regulations at all, for that matter).

We know how important it truly is to know what you’re putting into your body. As a company with values, we respect that, and we want you to feel confident in knowing what you’re using and know exactly what each product contains.

That is why we test each of our products, including the White Widow Strain of CBG, to ensure that it is meeting the highest standards that we have.

For example, if you would like to see what lab tests look like for this particular strain, you can view that on our site.

Full-Spectrum CBG With Low THC

Our White Widow Strain is high in full-spectrum CBG, and low on THC.

In order to really get the benefits of CBG, it’s important to get something that is crafted and produced with full-spectrum Cannabigerol. This means that it will include all of the beneficial compounds, health benefits, and parts of cannabis, without the psychoactive THC.

You can purchase this CBG with total confidence that it’ll great for you, and won’t get you high.

It Even LOOKS As Good As It Tastes

You might be wondering why we call the White Widow Strain by its name. Where do we get it from? What exactly does it mean?

Well, we can settle that curiosity right now! The White Widow was given that name because it is covered in beautiful, white trichomes. Not only does it taste absolutely amazing, but just looking at it is like looking at a beautiful piece of art. 

These buds are something to be valued, not only for their flavor but for their appearance as well.

Federally Legal

Our products, including our White Widow Strain of CBG, are federally legal.

We know the laws, and we test our products and make sure that they all meet the high standards that have been set by the federal government. One of the biggest standards is making sure the product contains less than .3% THC, and we stay within that range safely.

Get Your White Widow Strain Now

If you’re looking to enjoy some of this beautiful CBG strain now, don’t delay! Shop for your White Widow Strain CBG flower today. We think you’ll definitely be very happy with your choice, and it will be something you can enjoy.

Or, if you want to look through any of our other lines of CBD products, you can check that out at the Cali Vali store.