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What Makes A Pre Roll Special: Why Give Silver Haze Pre Rolls A Try?

As cannabis use in the United States grows, and as ideas shift, more and more people have a knowledge of CBD products

In a recent Gallup poll, 50 percent of Americans said they know what CBD products are, and are aware of them, while 14 percent reported that they used these types of products.

Increasingly, products like CBD oil, tinctures, pre rolls, bud, flowers, and gummies are becoming more available and popular.

As these products become more popular, you may find yourself wanting to try a smokeable option, like pre rolls. But first, you should probably do a little bit of research, and that is what we are here for!

What’s In A CBD Pre Roll

CBD pre rolls, like Silver Haze from Cali Vali, are pre-rolled joints that are already filled with CBD flower that come ready to enjoy. When you want to enjoy a pre roll, you just take one out, light it up, and get all the incredible benefits of CBD delivered straight to your bloodstream.

What Makes Them Special?

CBD pre rolls are an amazing choice for anyone who is getting into the CBD game for the first time, as well as for anyone who knows what they like and is looking for something a little different.

Let’s talk about why pre rolls are a great option.

CBD Pre Rolls Are Non-Intoxicating

For those who want to get all the great benefits of cannabinoids, without the high that comes from THC, pre rolls are a perfect choice. You get the natural pain-relieving, anxiety-relieving benefits, and none of the fogginess. 

When you buy pre rolls, like Silver Haze, from Cali Vali, you can be sure that they are made using low-THC CBD, that has been lab tested.

Pre Rolls Contain The Perfect Dosage

When you decide on pre rolls, there is no dosing necessary. Because these joints are pre-rolled, you don’t have to worry about how much of a dosage you are getting, how much CBD is in each flower, or anything like that. Just check the box, and you know what you’re getting!

Pre Rolls Are Impossible To Mess Up

We all know how frustrating it can be to try to roll your own joint. You’d think that with all the tools and the list of items you need, there would be a better way; and there is. Don’t worry about the mess, the cleanup, or anything else. Just use pre rolls instead.

CBD Pre Rolls Are Shareable

CBD pre rolls are also a nice option if you are wanting to share. In a social setting, sometimes you want to share the love with those around you. Pre rolls make that super easy.

All of our CBD pre rolls come in a 2- or 7-pack, so feel free to share the wealth!

Why Choose Silver Haze Pre Rolls?

Silver Haze Pre Rolls are not to be slept on! Rolled with full-spectrum CBD, with low THC, silver haze is a sweet hybrid with aromas of cotton candy, packed with one of the sweetest terpene profiles you will ever come across. Because of the quality of our product, and the hand-trimmed buds, you’ll get all those flavors when you smoke Silver Haze.

Shop Silver Haze Now

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