The Pineapple Haze Craze – Get Involved!

There’s no such implication that all CBD products are made equal just because you can get it almost everywhere. The common saying "you get what you pay for" has a lot of truth to it. If you're looking for inexpensive capsules and topicals, they may be tempting because of their low price, but they're notorious for being derived from lesser-grade hemp, being full of filler, and not undergoing the rigorous testing processes that assure quality, potency and safety. There is a better way, and we're here to help.

CBD (also known as cannabidiol), and products derived from it, have been more readily available and more popular in recent years owing to the passage of the 2018 US Farm Bill, which legalized industrial hemp (the plant that generates CBD).

CBD is a naturally-occurring chemical found in the cannabis plant. There are approximately 115 distinct kinds of cannabinoids in the cannabis family, which scientists have identified. Perhaps the most controversial (and well-known) cannabinoid found in the plant is Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC), notorious and federally illegal due to its psychoactive characteristics. CBD, on the other hand, has grown so popular because it is federally allowed in all 50 states.

Cali Vali CBD Specialization

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To reinvent the CBD market, our firm has gone the extra mile with our goods. The finest form of CBD can be found on this website. We specialize in curating high-quality, full-spectrum hemp flower, extracts, and pre-rolls.

Cultivated with care from crop to sale, right here in the United States, our aim is to make CBD products of the greatest quality available to everyone. Our goods are rigorously tested to guarantee they are safe and are inspected by hand. We only work with reputable hemp farmers in the United States.

Take Advantage of the Best CBD

Pineapple Haze CBD is a 5-star rated strain. A 3.6g glass jar contains 23.27% Indica-Hybrid CBD. To give this variety its distinctive flavor, genetics grown in the tropics were used. There are 2% total terpenes in our Pineapple Haze cannabis strain, which means that 2 percent of its entire mass is pure fragrance! If you open a jar, you'll see what we mean. It was determined that Myrcene was the major terpene. Because of this, Pineapple Haze's Indica characteristics become even more potent.

The Pineapple Haze CBD flower can be purchased online at Cali Vali right now!