The New Kids on the Block: Premium Hemp From Cali Vali CBD

There is not a doubt that CBD is the most desired natural and holistic medicine on the market.

The past year and a half has been a trigger for so many people. People have lost loved ones, income, and for a lot of people, their sanity and sense of safety. Perhaps now more than ever, people are turning to CBD to help them handle the stressors that the Covid-19 pandemic has inflicted upon so many of us. Unfortunately, not all CBD is good CBD. That’s where we come in.

About Us

We are Cali Vali CBD. We are a California-based CBD company whose mission is to provide the best CBD products to everyone nationwide through sourcing premium CBD extract from trustworthy hemp farmers; employing rigorous testing procedures; and examining everything by hand before being shipped out.

We formed Cali Vali CBD because we had grown tired of the negative stigma that came with the CBD name. For the uninformed, the ideal that CBD is marijuana could not be further from the truth. Through extensive scientific research, and many years of personal research, we know that CBD products are more than just an easier and legal alternative to marijuana. We Believe premium CBD should be affordable as well.

Premium CBD at Cali Vali CBD

Our founder, Carlo DeFalco grew up very involved with environmentalism and the cannabis industry.  As a young adult, he began a career building customized guitars, which caused him unbearable pain in his shoulders and wrists. Based on his experience, he was destined to find his niche in the CBD industry. 

He found that cheap pre-rolls and topicals weren’t helpful in dealing with his pain, and that with buying premium, full-spectrum CBD, his pain faded, and the rest is history.  Carlo’s mission was to provide premium CBD products that are safe, easy, and affordable!

Our promise to our customers is to offer the highest-quality CBD on the market at a reasonable price. We are proud to sell Hybrid CBD Flowers that are perfect for smoking, cooking with, or pairing with wine; full-spectrum CBD Crystal Isolate; premium CBD pre-rolls that are ready for your enjoyment right our of the box, in packages of 2 or 7; as well as varieties of Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica CBD flower.

You won't find CBD in a more pure form than you can with us at Cali Vali CBD.  Shop the best premium CBD on the Cali Vali website today!