The Many Flavors of CBD Pre Rolls

At Cali Vali CBD, we are very selective about what products we put out there for our customers. After years of fine-tuning and perfecting our processes, we’re happy to provide a myriad of delectable CBD pre rolls which are among the finest on the market. 

Pineapple Haze Pre Rolls

To give this variety its distinctive flavor, genetics grown in the tropics were used Two percent of the entire mass of our Pineapple Haze is pure aroma! Open up a box of these potent CBD pre rolls and you'll see what we mean. Myrcene is the major terpene in the testing documentation. As a result of this, the strain contains Indica characteristics and the strain's fruity flavor is undeniable.

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White Widow CBG Pre Rolls

White Widow has a strong citrus and pepper taste characteristic. This hydroponically produced, indoor cultivar is no exception. The white trichomes on this strain truly live up to its name. Make sure you don't miss the chance to sample a real rarity!

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Special Sauce Pre Rolls

Let us introduce you to our favorite and most reliable Sativa - Special Sauce. It has one of the most-complex flavor and smell profiles of any strain we offer, with over 20 distinct terpenes. When you inhale the sweet and spicy tones of this strain, it's simple to drift off into happy memories. Perfectly balanced hemp flower can help you stay energetic throughout the day.

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Hawaiian Haze Pre Rolls

Have a good time with the most well-balanced Hybrid. With the right touch of purple, our Hawaiian Haze is a visual treat for the eyes – rolled perfectly for your personal use. This strain includes Linalool, a natural aphrodisiac. It is well-known haze strain which has a fruity, seductive scent, making them the perfect option for an evening by the beach (or anywhere for that matter).

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Northern Lights Pre Rolls

Our Northern Lights CBD pre rolls have a woody, spicy and sweet aroma, and tastes similar to a trip through a pine forest on a bright day. This lovely, brilliant green blossom is covered in vivid orange hairs. It's a genuine rarity in the hemp world that’s sure to become a fast favorite of yours.

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Silver Haze Pre Rolls 

This delicious mix will transport you to the land of sweets. There is a sweet cotton candy scent that comes out as you break apart the buds. This is due to the excellent cure and hand-trim manicuring that every one of our pre roll flowers receives before it’s ready for sale. Because of its distinct terpene profile, this strain’s aroma is ideal for cooking and wine pairings.

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