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The 3 Best Ways To Use Our Special Sauce Strain

The secret is out: Cali Vali has some incredible CBD products to choose from!

From our homegrown flowers, to our carefully crafted pre-rolls, to our CBD extracts, it can be very hard to choose. We know this can be tough!

But today, we are going to be featuring one of our favorite and most trusted Sativas: the Special Sauce Strain.

What’s In Our Special Sauce Strain

So what’s in our Special Sauce Strain? What makes it so “special”?

This Sativa cannabis flower contains over 20 terpenes, meaning it is full of flavor and smells! The smells and flavors mix, and are fruity, energetic, and complex. The sweet and spicy elements really work to balance each other out. It’s our favorite, and our most trusted, and we know you’ll love it once you give it a try!

Three Ways To Use Special Sauce Strain

Now that you’ve got a bit of a background, let’s go through the three primary ways that you can use our Special Sauce Strain.

Smoke It

Smoking is probably the most common way that one would use to enjoy our Special Sauce Strain.

Smoking is the best option for those that are looking to get the effects right away, as smoking allows the CBD to go straight into the lungs, into the bloodstream, and then right to the brain. There’s no messing around, and if you need quick relief from pain or the effects of anxiety or sleeplessness, smoking the CBD flower is the way to go.

Vape It

Vaping is a great way to get the most out of your Special Sauce Strain. Vaping is simple, discreet, and effective. 

It’s simple in that it doesn’t require much, besides your flower and a vape to get started. 

It’s discreet in that vaporizers don’t have to be big clunky things that you carry around with you. You can put it in your purse, bookbag, or pocket, and be able to get the effects of CBD on the go. 

And it’s effective in that when you inhale, the CBD goes straight into your lungs, thus providing a quick and easy administration of the benefits.

Cook With It

While we don’t recommend eating CBD flower like you would whole pieces of raw broccoli, you can totally cook with it! You probably haven’t thought too much about cooking with your flower or even eating it, but the possibilities are honestly endless here.

There are so many options, from baked hemp flowers, to CBD butter, to your own CBD oil or trying out your own CBD-infused recipe. Cooking with your CBD flower, especially one as flavor-packed as Special Sauce Strain, is a fantastic and must-try experience.

And as a bonus, you can find some incredible CBD recipes and prep methods here.

Get Your Own Special Sauce Strain

If you’re interested in getting your hands on Cali Vali’s Special Sauce Strain, hit up our shop now! Or, to look at any of our other CBD flowers, check out our Flowers collection.