Smoke Your Way to a Tropical Getaway

With the consistently growing popularity of CBD, new and existing CBD companies are constantly searching for inventive ways to find the next big thing in this ever-growing industry.  We, at Cali Vali CBD, believe we have something very special and that is providing the highest quality CBD in its purest form, affordably, to everyone nationwide.

Our Story

We are a California-based CBD company whose mission is to revolutionize the CBD industry by providing the highest quality CBD in its most natural form.  We are one of the most successful online retailers of premium hemp flowers, extracts and pre rolls that include Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid hemp strains.

Our founder, Carlo DeFalco, started Cali Vali because he was tired of the stigma attached to CBD. Before Cali Vali, Carlo worked building customized fret boards for guitars. Carlo decided to try CBD to help with the pain in his shoulders and wrists, but he found that cheap CBD and topicals didn't do much for him. However, when he finally bought high-quality CBD products, his pain quickly faded, he felt better, and a new career was born.

Carlo wanted to make the process of buying premium, full-spectrum CBD easier, safer, and more revolutionary. Through extensive research, scientific studies, and years of personal experience, we found that CBD products could be more than just a bi-product of cannabis. High-quality CBD products can be life-changing. Unfortunately, the cheap cigarettes, vape pens, and gummies that were mass produced after the 2018 legalization of hemp products were subpar and ineffective. So, now we’re here to shake things up and provide the highest quality hemp flowers, extracts and pre rolls out there.

Hawaiian Haze Pre Rolls at Cali Vali

One of our most popular pre rolls at Cali Vali is our Hawaiian Haze Pre Rolls. Our Hawaiian Haze Pre Rolls are available in packs of 2 or 7 and contain 85mm Pre Rolls made with Organic Hybrid-Sativia Hemp.

Our Hawaiian Haze Pre Rolls are the most balanced hybrid pre roll in our collection. Our Hawaiian Haze has just the right kiss of purple, making it an aesthetic beauty. Hawaiian Haze contains the terpene (aroma) Linalool, which is a natural Aphrodisiac. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in a wide variety of plants, including cannabis, and Linalool is one of the most commonly occurring terpenes in cannabis. The Hawaiian Haze strain is well known for its fruity and enticing aroma, making it a perfect choice to enjoy an evening by the beach.

Our Hawaiian Haze Pre Rolls are rolled with hand trimmed, full-spectrum buds of the highest quality hemp grown from trustworthy farmers.  All of our pre rolls are rigorously lab tested to ensure that consumption is safe, pure and potent.  Our Hawaiian Haze Pre Rolls, along with the rest of our pre rolls are legal to be shipped and used in all fifty states. 

To shop for your packages of Hawaiian Haze Pre Rolls at Cali Vali, click here to be redirected and taken away on a tropical getaway from your very own home!