Smoke the Pain Away with CBD Pre Rolls

We know that CBD comes in many forms: capsules; tinctures; topicals; edibles; and CBD companies are always thinking of new ways to give you your daily dose of CBD.  We, at Cali Vali, are proud of the revolutionary way that we market our high-quality CBD to our customers.  We specialize in exotic hemp flowers, CBD extracts, and CBD pre rolls. 



We have found that our customers are really enjoying our CBD pre rolls due in part to their small packaging that makes them easy to transport as well as discreet. Additionally, smoking CBD pre rolls may be beneficial to your health; helping to ease pain in particular.





Cannabis has been seen as a controversial plant for quite some time because many people associate it with getting high. What most don’t understand is that cannabis doesn’t just exist to get you high. It is also rich in CBD; a compound that has documented benefits for medical patients that does not have any psychoactive effects. Unlike THC, CBD is scientifically constructed differently than THC, and therefore, it avoids certain receptor groups in our body, but works with another group of receptors that are responsible for several areas pertaining to overall wellness.



Health Benefits of CBD Pre Rolls


Many athletes have already started using CBD pre rolls to help with muscle soreness. Since there are seemingly no side effects, CBD is used by athletes everywhere when it comes to assisting pain relief. CBD pre rolls can relieve muscle soreness that is often tied to athletes who do regular workouts. More athletes are opting for CBD pre-rolls as it is an easier and healthier way of getting rid of this kind of pain.



According recent research, more and more people are reporting positive results from smoking CBD pre rolls when it comes to joint pain. The CBD travels straight to the pain receptors and makes the pain less noticeable, or it takes it away completely. This depends on the person, but the research has shown positive results.



Studies have also shown that about 70% of CBD users use CBD to help with pain caused by inflammation. The CBD binds to CB2 receptors that regulate our immune system, making it useful in reducing inflammation and aiding blood-flow. 



Chronic pain affects millions of people nationwide. It has been linked to increased inflammation as well. Since it is scientifically proven that CBD reduces inflammation, it therefore can also play an active role in relieving chronic pain.  



Another benefit of smoking CBD pre rolls is their role in injury recovery. Recovery from injuries can be a long and painful process. Depending on the severity of the injury, CBD pre rolls can be helpful in your recovery. While CBD pre rolls are a safe and natural alternative to over the counter and prescription painkillers that can be habit forming, it is important to remember that recovery speed varies and you should always speak to your physician prior to starting a CBD routine.



CBD Pre Rolls at Cali Vali


One of our most popular varieties of CBD pre rolls are our Hawaiian haze pre rolls, but we also carry Pineapple Haze CBD pre rolls; White Widow CBG pre rolls; Special Sauce pre rolls; Northern Lights pre rolls; and Silver Haze pre rolls. All of our CBD pre rolls come in packs of 2 or 7 hemp rolls and are always made with hand trimmed, full-spectrum CBD that has been rigorously tested to ensure purity, potency, and safety. 



To shop our selection of CBD pre rolls, head over to Cali Vali CBD today!