Pre Rolls: A New Way to Enjoy CBD

There is no doubt… CBD has become a highly desired holistic medicine. 

Because of this massive growth in popularity, CBD companies are popping up here, there, and everywhere.

About Us

We are Cali Vali. We are a California-based CBD company whose mission is to provide the very best CBD products to all throughout the United States. We source from trustworthy, USA-based hemp growers, each product endures rigorous testing procedures, and we examine everything by hand before it’s shipped out.

Our company was founded on the principle of delivering quality, full spectrum CBD at reasonable prices. Through extensive scientific research, and many years of personal experience, we have found that CBD products are more than just a healthier alternative to marijuana.

Pre Rolls at Cali Vali

Let’s be clear.  CBD and marijuana are not the same thing.  CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. Marijuana is a different varietal of the cannabis plant that is rich in THC.  While many people would assume that pre rolls would be “blunts” or “joints” of marijuana…they are not.

Our pre rolls are made with Full-Spectrum CBD hemp flower, are rolled into packs of 2 or 7 pre rolls.  Choose from any of our varieties such as Jon Snow CBG pre rolls; Pineapple Haze pre rolls; White Widow pre rolls; Special Sauce pre rolls; Hawaiian Haze pre rolls; Northern Lights pre rolls; and Silver Haze pre rolls.

Our most popular pre roll is, of course, an ode to Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow.  The Jon Snow CBG pre rolls are available in a 2 or 7 pack of 85mm pre rolls made with organic hemp indica 20.78% CBG. Coated in beautiful and white trichomes is what gives these pre rolls their appropriate name - Jon Snow. CBG and CBC are the two main actors in this popular pre roll. They are both very rare, sought-after cannabinoids, known for relaxation.

Another variety of our pre rolls are some of the highest quality on the market. Our Northern Lights pre rolls are available in a 2 or 7 pack that are 85mm each. These pre rolls are made with organic indoor-grown 20.7% CBD hemp. The Northern Lights pre rolls smell like a sunny day walk through a pine forest. The taste is woody, spicy, and sweet. Bright orange hairs cover this beautiful and bright green flower. This plant is hydroponically-grown indoors, which is a true rarity for hemp flower.

Anyone who has tried to roll knows what an arduous task it can be.  Let us do it for you! Shop for your pre rolls at Cali Vali today!