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Here Are Four Reasons To Enjoy Our New CBD Mint Drops

Over the last few years, CBD has been studied over and over again. Medical and anecdotal evidence shows us that CBD oil can help with conditions such as epilepsy, can reduce chronic pain, and can help in some cases with anxiety.

With that in mind, of course many people will want to try CBD oil. And with good reason!

But we want you to experience CBD oil that is great tasting, organic, and packed with high-quality CBD.

That’s why we are happy to introduce our CBD Mint Drops!

Keep reading to discover four of the top reasons you should give them a try for yourself.

They’re USDA Certified Organic

Our Cali Vali CBD Mint Tinctures contain the finest ingredients. We know how important it is to have something that is natural and organic when you are putting it in your body. You only get one body, and you’ve got to treat it right!

That’s why we are happy to offer CBD mint drops that are USDA certified organic! We know you’ll love them, and we are happy to offer you a product that you can feel confident about.

They Feature A Great-Tasting And Clean Natural Formula

There’s nothing worse than an aftertaste when you’re taking CBD. We’ve all been there, and we know it’s no good.

You can completely put that out of your mind with our CBD mint drops. Not only do we formulate them to be great-tasting, but we make sure they are clean and natural tasting as well. We know how important it is to make sure the ingredients are clean, and that the product tastes good. We have kept all of that in mind, and are sure you’ll love the formula we came up with.

They Contain Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil In Every Single Drop

What exactly sets broad-spectrum CBD oil apart? If you are using CBD isolate, you are only getting CBD in its isolated form. While that may be what you are looking for, it might not be strong enough. If you are using full-spectrum, it will contain all of the benefits of CBD, but it is generally going to contain some THC. 

Some people want to steer clear of this altogether, and that is where broad-spectrum CBD mint tinctures come in. Broad-spectrum CBD contains all of the effectiveness of CBD, combined with natural terpenes and their beneficial effects, without the THC. It’s a great way to go, and we make sure every single one of our CBD mint drops is packed with it!

They Offer Benefits In A Quick, Easy, And Convenient Way

CBD drops in general are some of the quickest, easiest, and most convenient ways to administer and take CBD discreetly and effectively.

When you want pain relief, or some respite from inflammation or another medical condition, you’re not trying to wait around all day. You want to feel better, and you want to feel better fast.

Our CBD mint drops will have you feeling better in no time. They're easy and quick. Take them with you anywhere you go, in your backpack, purse, or car. Use them when you need to, and just dose through the dropper. And because they are administered orally, they enter the bloodstream and their therapeutic effects can last for the long haul.

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