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A Guide to CBD/Hemp Pre-Rolls

Smoking CBD and hemp products is becoming increasingly popular. The benefits to both one's overall mental and physical wellness have been very-well documented. Our world today is so stress-inducing with bad news delivered straight to your phone every minute of every day. 

Smoking CBD and hemp pre-rolls can help you relax while still being able to be productive. You can still maintain the ability to focus and have mental clarity throughout your day. Hemp pre-rolls are perfect for receiving the benefits from hemp flowers without the downfalls of feeling high.

Keep reading to find out more about if hemp pre-rolls and CBD products are right for you.

What is a Pre-roll?

A pre-roll joint is an already prepared, rolled, and ready-to-be smoked joint. If you are new to the world of CBD, the hemp plant, sativa hemp, and everything in between, pre-rolls are the perfect place to start. 

They offer you a no-fuss guaranteed way of smoking. Some pre-rolls include trim and shake, but not ours.

Trim is usually best avoided. It's the part of the hemp plant that is compiled of debris, like stems, leaves, and seeds. 

Shake is basically the leftover part of hemp flower. It's what has fallen off in the harvesting process. Look for a company that is transparent about what parts of the hemp plant are in your pre-roll.

Bud is the part you want your pre-roll to be made of. These are the ground-up parts of cannabis. High-quality pre-rolls will be made of bud, or otherwise called nugs. 

Pros and Cons of Pre-rolls

There are pros and cons to consider when purchasing hemp pre-rolls. To start with, they are very convenient. They take no time to get ready to smoke, so it's hassle-free and easy. 

Many people don't like to roll joints. Others, especially beginners, simply don't know how to roll joints. Or maybe you have a condition that inhibits you from rolling joints.

Thankfully, pre-rolls solve all of these problems. They're also better for the environment than non-biodegradable smoking products. There's pretty much nothing left by the time you're done smoking a pre-roll.

Pre-rolls are easy to take to social situations. They're convenient for putting in a smoke pack and taking anywhere you might want or need it on the go.

The cons of pre-rolls usually occur when you purchase low-quality pre-rolls. Leaves, stems, and seeds can lead to a disappointing experience. You can easily avoid this by doing your research and sticking with brands that aim to provide the highest quality CBD products on the market. Cali Vali is happy to answer any questions you have. 

Try Hemp Pre-Rolls

Now that the basics of hemp pre-rolls are out of the way, you have enough knowledge to go out there and get some first-hand experience with pre-rolls. 

Cali Vali offers a selection of high-quality, bud-only pre-rolls perfect for you to get started. Check out our product listings here.