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  • Here Are Four Reasons To Enjoy Our New CBD Mint Drops

    CBD Mint Drops can be one of the best, fastest-acting, and most effective ways to increase your CBD intake. Get yours from Cali Vali now.
  • You’ll Want To Give This CBD Salve A Try

    CBD Salve can be a saving grace if you need CBD with a topical application. Visit Cali Vali to shop and get yours now.

  • What Are CBD Pre Rolls And Why Are They So Popular?

    CBD Pre Rolls from Cali Vali are high quality and ready to enjoy right out of the box. Learn more about why pre-rolled hemp is gaining popularity everywhere.
  • Complete Guide to Indica Hemp

    Maybe you've heard of Indica hemp, but what is it exactly? Here's our definitive guide to Indica hemp that will tell you everything you should know about this wonderful hemp plant variant.
  • 5 Everyday Uses of a Hybrid Hemp Plant

    What is a hybrid hemp plant and how can it help you? Read these five interesting, everyday uses of hybrid hemp plants that you'll be sure to love.
  • Different Types of Hemp Flowers

    Are you interested in hemp flowers and curious about what they have to offer? Here's the ultimate guide to the different types of hemp flowers and their most interesting and beneficial uses.
  • A Guide to CBD/Hemp Pre-Rolls

    Are you wondering if hemp pre-rolls are right for you? Read our complete guide to CBD and hemp pre-rolls that will answer all of your important questions.
  • How to Choose the Right CBD Extract for Your Needs

    Are you looking to purchase a CBD oil? If so, read on to learn how to choose the best CBD oil for your needs.
  • The Many Flavors of CBD Pre Rolls

    At Cali Vali CBD, we are very selective about what products we put out there for our customers. After years of fine-tuning and perfecting our proce...
  • Hemp Flower: Back to Basics

    CBD companies keep on popping up around the country trying to cash in on what they think is the biggest health “craze” to hit in the past few years...
  • The Search For High-Quality CBD

    Whether or not you’ve heard of CBD, you'll need to familiarize yourself with some important terminology, the most essential of which relates to the...
  • Smoke Your Way to a Tropical Getaway

    With the consistently growing popularity of CBD, new and existing CBD companies are constantly searching for inventive ways to find the next big th...