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  • The New Kids on the Block: Premium Hemp From Cali Vali CBD

    The Best Premium CBD on the Market: Shop Cali Vali Premium Hemp & CBD
  • Old is New Again with Hybrid CBD Flowers

    Get Your CBD Fix Today with Hybrid CBD Flower Products from Cali Vali CBD Today!

  • Pre Rolls: A New Way to Enjoy CBD

    Our pre rolls are Full-Spectrum CBD hemp flower, rolled into packs of 2 or 7. Choose from any of our delicious, high-terpene pre roll varieties!
  • CBD Extract: It’s Not All the Same

    Learn about CBD extract and what the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD is, as well as what CBD isolate is.
  • What's The Difference Between Hemp Flower and Cannabis?

    If you’ve been operating under the assumption that hemp and cannabis are two different species of plant, you’re not alone. Hemp and cannabis are t...
  • How to Cook with Hemp Extracts

    Go get your chef’s hat and apron because today, we’re cooking with concentrates. At Cali Vali, one of our favorite ways to consume hemp products i...
  • What Exactly is Hemp Concentrate?

    We’re used to seeing hemp products in the form of oils and flower, either to put under your tongue, or smoke in a pre-roll. But these days, after ...